On Language

So far, I’ve been keeping Reveries.co in English only, but it’s certainly something that I keep thinking if I should have some content in Portuguese as well. As I think about what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so, I read a quote on Fernando Pessoa which really struck a chord with me on this topic:

While dreaming of the fifth Empire, Pessoa once said that he was “completely Portuguese in spirit but only half in grammar”. And he added that, “In the Empire, as in culture, we will have an inner and outer life. We will read in English because we want to learn, but will read in Portuguese because we want to feel. We will speak in English because we want to teach, but for those things which we really want to say, we will speak Portuguese”.

Lisbon – What the turist should see

Maybe there are things that I really want to say, and hence will do so in Portuguese.

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